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Tourism Selangor held its “Splendid Selangor Roadshow” in Japan with a mission to boost business cooperation between Malaysian tourism industry players and Japan tourism industry players, mainly in Tokyo and Osaka.


The visits took place for five days, from Jan 8th till 12th, 2023. The visit was led by the State Exco for Tourism and Environment, Hee Loy Sian and his delegates.


The Roadshow to Japan 3.0 showcased a wide range of market segmentation in Selangor while promoting the “Splendid Selangor, Take Me Anywhere!” Campaign. In embracing the new year spirit, this third Roadshow to Japan will elevate extensive partnerships with the tourism industry players in Japan. Selangor has received 196,970 tourists from Japan pre-pandemic. However, the number has decreased to 24.7% due to travel restrictions throughout the pandemic. With the travel ban lifted, Selangor targeted an increased inflow of tourists from Japan with abundant attractions and segmentations offered by this State.


“In embracing the new year, our core narrative is to pique the interests of international tourists while increasing the awareness of Selangor as an ideal travel destination globally and developing more collaboration between tourism operators and tourism industry members in Japan,” said Hee.


Moving towards 2023, the ‘Splendid Selangor, Take Me Anywhere!’ campaign will be highly utilised and enhanced to attract more prospective partnerships via FAM trips with media and travel agencies, cross-promotion series including advertising and digital  campaigns, roadshows, and sales missions, with the participating countries including Japan.


The Splendid Selangor campaign is a significant effort and a turning point to increase cooperation between the interested nations. The campaign potentially establishes Selangor as a prominent travel destination in Asia and on a global scale. Tourism Selangor is ready to tap into extensive partnerships with tourism operators and industry players while gearing up its awareness to elevate the mission to be an ideal travel destination. 

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