Jasmine and Maggi give out bubur lambuk

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Jasmine Food Corporation Sdn Bhd (Jasmine Food), Malaysia’s leading rice brand, is partnering with Nestle Maggi to give back to society during the fasting month of Ramadan.In support of the Maggi Bubur Lambuk Ramadhan campaign, Jasmine Food is sponsoring 234 packs of Jasmine Super Special Tempatan 10kg rice as a contributing ingredient for the bubur lambuk (spiced rice porridge) preparation. Made from local white rice, the Super Special Tempatan contains a 5% level of broken rice, processed from paddy stocks sourced through Jasmine’s own mill and other rice millers for making crowd favourite dishes like nasi lemak, fried rice, and bubur lambuk.The Maggi Bubur Lambuk campaign kicked off in the first week of April in tandem with Ramadan, with various events taking place in Peninsular Malaysia, including Central, Johor, Ipoh, Kuantan, Alor Setar, Kuala Terengganu, Kelantan and Prai. The charitable campaign aimed at community pillars amplifies Jasmine Food’s core values to help out the community and foster a spirit of sharing and charity with fellow consumers.“We have been a community pillar for over 60 years and are taking this opportunity to reflect on our community efforts. Through this campaign, we hope to give back to the community during this holy month and help them through hardships brought about by recent events,” said Lim Swee Keat, CEO of Jasmine Food.This is not the first time that Jasmine Food has collaborated with a Malaysian heavyweight to bring joy and aid to vulnerable communities in the country. The Maggi Bubur Lambuk campaign follows after the Maggi Sah Campaign where Jasmine Food was involved in helping to distribute over 33,000 meal kits to families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and economic hardship.The household brand will continue to drive corporate social responsibility campaigns and uphold the honorable Trusted Brand Award title in Asia.

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