Perak Tourism Asscoiation launches E-Newsletter

V. Sivaji | October 21, 2021 | 0 | Events , Happening Now , News , Special features

The Perak Tourism Association (PTA) embraced the latest technology by launching their E- Newsletter in a virtual session recently. 

On hand was Perak State Exco for Housing, Local Government and Tourism, Datuk Nolee Ashilin Mohammed Radzi and PTA president Datuk Mohammad Odzman Abdul Kadir in a brief ceremony.

Nolee congratulated PTA on the launching of the E-newsletter and wished them well.

“I hope that this newsletter will serve as a guide to the many tourist spots in Perak.

“The newsletter can also unearth new talents for writing and create exposure for the state, ” said Nolee.

In the meantime, Odzman added that he has been involved in the tourism industry for the past 40 years.

“Since I stepped onto the lane of tourism. I have never looked back, because my steps are governed by an intense passion for this industry. 

“Currently, we do not have any single point of reference as far as tourism is concerned in the state of Perak. No one establishment keeps track of tourism happenings in the state. And this has been troubling me for many years. Every time I want to research or seek information, I am unable to get my hands on it,” said Odzman.


He hoped that through this E-newsletter, we can finally have an avenue to slowly but surely, reduce the instances where no one is able to find anything from a single source. 

“Articles have been written in bits and pieces by everyone as comments on the various social media platforms, of which none is of authority. 

“PTA, as a tourism NGO, we are one of the forerunners among other NGOs in this industry, in this country. And we need someone like us to play this role,” added Odzman.

Odzman said that PTA decided to do something and the time has come to introduce an electronic newsletter i.e. E-Newsletter for the benefit of consumers, industry players, statutory bodies, communities at large and of course the state authorities. 

“With fake news abounds, we need to have a reference point for genuine tourists who seek correct information,” he added.

In the meantime, SA Peter , the editor of the newsletter added that members of the public can give comments and feedback on the newsletter as it is not meant to be rigid.

The launching ceremony was moderated by Ipoh’s popular emcee and deejay, K T Pillay.

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