Anchor Food Professionals unveil 10 traditional dishes

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Anchor Food Professionals, kicked off its “Inspirasi Raya” campaign with the unveiling of 10 traditional dishes reinvented using the Anchor Extra Yield Cooking Cream.
Paying homage to iconic festive dishes and desserts from different states across Malaysia, the campaign aims to ignite the kampung spirit by bringing a taste of home cooking to urban kitchens. 
Rendang Ayam Pedas
The recipes curated include a variation of state-famous Raya staples such as Rendang Tok and Rendang Ayam Pedas from Perak and Rendang Kambing Hitam from Pahang, to further inspire the celebration of favourite Ramadan and Raya dishes.

Step-by-step recipes and demonstration videos incorporating the Anchor Extra Yield Cooking Cream were made possible with the help of Fonterra’s in-house chefs, Chef Noorfiruz Mohamad Noor, Chef Ichiro Wong and Chef Chrispian Arthur Epui.

“Following the COVID-19 pandemic, home cooking has been the choice for many families. As the country’s largest provider of high-quality fit-for-purpose dairy ingredients, we wanted to provide home cooks with an accessible solution that serves the entire family’s sophisticated yet simple culinary-at-home delights.”

“Cooking and preparing for a feast during Raya is usually the highlight of the celebration. It has been a challenging year for all of us, and we hope that sharing these recipes will bring light, joy and happiness to those celebrating, near and far.” said Jack Tan, Fonterra Brands Malaysia’s Foodservice Director, shared,

The remake of the dishes elevates the experience of Raya-feast preparations, which many Malaysians can relate to intimately. Formulated for heat stability and creamier consistency, the Anchor Extra Yield Cooking Cream is the perfect alternative to santan (coconut milk).

“Raya preparations are made easier with the Anchor Extra Yield Cooking Cream as it is made for convenience and saves valuable time in the kitchen while maintaining the recipe’s consistency,” added Tan. 

The Anchor Extra Yield Cooking Cream is made from high quality New Zealand milk source delivering natural dairy goodness with rich taste and aroma. It is a pre-reduced cooking cream with a 20% better yield than most UHT cooking creams hence more time and costs saved too.

Anchor Food Professionals has a long history of supplying restaurants, cafes and bakeries with the natural, grass-fed New Zealand dairy, enabling them to meet customer demand for great tasting food. With its strong heritage since 1886 in producing high-quality dairy products, Malaysians are in for a feast this Ramadan and Raya season.

More classic dishes and recipes such as the Bubur Pedas from Sarawak, Lontong Johor, Ayam Masak Lemak Cili ApiIkan BakarKuih LapisPuteri Ayu and Kurma Banana Shake can be found on Anchor Food Professionals’ Official Facebook.

Anchor Food Professionals is the food service arm of Fonterra Brands Malaysia

Source : Anchor Food Professionals  

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