PROPERTY – Buying A Property With Full View Of A Cemetery: Good or Bad?

Lee Jingfa | May 2, 2020 | 0 | Live , Penang , Property Page , Travel

You probably thought, why must you do so by even staying there in the first place?

And what is your first reaction if a real estate negotiator introduces you a property with a full view of the cemetery?

Would you consider buying it or not?

Well, reject it outright because you feel it as a taboo to stay near there or consider the proposal with much enthusiasm as it comes with a 20 percent discount off the current market value?

A recent survey on this topic and attracted a few negative responses from it with some rejecting it against their religious beliefs.

Others even say they would not go near to view the the property, let alone buying it.

Still, there are others who have no qualms about it because the property’s selling price is low and their religion does not forbid them to stay near there.

IQI Realty’s affable Head Of Team Aster Ng was recently asked on her views on both the pros and cons in staying near a cemetery and here’s how she shares with us in a recent exclusive interview.

“If you ask me, the good thing is that there will not lightly be any major developments nearby the cemetery so there will be no need to worry about the traffic.

“The area will always be quiet and some people like it that way … far away from major roads.”

“Secondly, if one is not superstitious nor believe in the afterlife, then these questions certainly need to be asked.

“Does your client likes the property very much and is this a good value for them to buy? How they find the location?

“If they are agreeable to two of the three questions posed to them, then the chances are that they may give some serious consideration to this property.

“Then the sales are likely to be closed!”
“Considering that the prices of properties are constantly increasing now due to the decreasing supply of land, it should be no surprise that more people are willing to at least look at properties near cemeteries.

“I have a couple who bought a condominium with a full view of the cemetery from me in Tanjung Tokong in the early 2000s and they have been staying happily since then,” says Aster proudly.

“Of course, not everyone prefers to own a property near a cemetery as no one would buy from them in the future.

“Yes, I fully agree sometimes it may be a bit difficult to find buyers for such properties.” she says.

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