MAH press statement on economic stimulus package

V. Sivaji | February 27, 2020 | 0 | Events , Happening Now , Spotlight , Travel

MAH welcomes economic stimulus package 2020.
The industry is happy with the announcement, while it may not completely address current challenges, but the commitment by the government is encouraging.
The stimulus package addresses our two main concerns directly, that is to ease cash flow and financial burden as well as to drive tourism. 
The deferment of income tax, 15% discount on electricity, suspension of HRDF contribution and (6%) service tax for hotels were among our top requests in our recent meet with the various Ministries.
 We are thankful that the government listened.
Financial facilities were expected and would be much needed by affected stakeholders to ensure they survive the situation and be ready for the recovery.
The government also took our proposal on special deductions, grants and incentives for training and development via HRDF, where at operational level, we have also encouraged the same for hotels to conduct and provide more skill trainings to employees during this period, that would translate into competitive advantage when the market recovers.
The proposal for personal income tax relief originated from us (MAH), an idea we submitted to the Ministry of Finance for the past two years as part of the budget preparation process and its introduction here is timely and would benefit the Rakyat directly. We also welcome the RM100 digital voucher for Malaysians that would fit well with all the current promotions that local tourism stakeholders are offering.
Another proposal that we have specifically requested, to ease Government and its agencies’ procurement for events or meetings at hotels was also announced and we thank the Government for that.
Apart from the tourism specific initiatives, we can clearly see that the Government is sensitive to the Rakyat with many other cash and non cash assistances introduced today.
The industry will continue to play an active role, both in engaging with the Government and sharing its responsibilities as well as to extend similar assistance to partners in ensuring a sustainable tourism industry.

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