Tourism Selangor highlights its popular beachfronts

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With interstate travel possible, Tourism Selangor showcases its fine beachfronts found all around the state.

They feature six mesmerising sunsets for the whole family.

1) Remis Beach, Kuala Selangor
Remis Beach is a 20-kilometer stretch of land in Kuala Selangor's Southern District,
located in the Jeram mukim. Remis Beach is one of the most popular eco-tourism destinations that is increasingly-favored by the public. Remis Beach is often crowded with visitors who want to enjoy fresh seafood such as grilled fish, and boiled and grilled mussels while relaxing with family members and friends.

2) Kelanang Beach, Banting
This beach is located not far from the Morib Beach. Kelanang Beach offers you a breathtaking view of the Straits of Melaka sea surrounded by the mangrove and ru trees. The beach also offers stunning sunset views accompanied by the roar of cool breeze, ideal for flying a kite high up in the air. 

3) Cunang Beach, Kuala Langat
Probably not so many people are aware of the existence of the Cunang Beach; a relatively-hidden but very spectacular beach located at Tanjung Sepat. Cunang Beach with its mesmerising white sand which runs along the mangroves area, is run and managed by the indigenous community of Mah Meri. It has recently-turned into one of the most popular tourist  destinations in Selangor, where it is complemented by traditional houses, colourful decorations and handicraft shops. In addition, you can also do various activities such as fishing and cycling on this beach.

4) Bagan Lalang Beach, Sepang
Located about an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur, Bagan Lalang Beach is located in Sepang District. It is a
holiday destination well-loved by families with children, and youngsters. Do not miss the opportunity to take a walk on the shore up to 400 metres in distance during low tide. This is the best time to take your little ones to see roaming baby crabs on the  sand. Apart from that, the beach is also very popular with volleyball, beach soccer and barbeque  activities. It is undoubtedly a must-visit beach to those who love to enjoy the peace  which the oceans bring.

5) Redang Beach, Sekinchan
If you are in Sabak Bernam District and want a switch from the scenery of the famous paddy fields here, why not take experience from the lifestyle of the fishermen community in this area ? What’s more fun is, Redang Beach is conveniently-located to several seafood restaurants, where you can enjoy a wide variety of fresh seafood! Recreational facilities are also widely-available to visitors such as benches and gazebos.

6) Morib Beach, Banting
Did you know Morib Beach has a coastline of about 3 kilometers? Morib Beach is located in Kuala
Langat District, about an hour’s drive from Klang District. Beach activities such as beach soccer,
volleyball and kite-flying are highly popular at the beach. Alternatively, you can also pick up shells or baby crabs that roam around while waiting for the ocean’s water to creep-up the shore. It is indeed a very ideal destination to visit with your loved ones.


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