Ex-hoteliers make durian dodol to sustain and keep themselves occupied

V. Sivaji | July 21, 2021 | 0 | Hotels , Live , Spotlight , Travel , Travel Buzz

As the hospitality industry being one of the worst hit sectors, two ex-hoteliers have teamed up to come up with their range of local delicacy, the dodol.

Charles Ayerru was formerly the general manager of a city hotel during his last posting.

While Elizabeth Chin was formerly with Lone Pine Hotel in Batu Ferringhi and also with the Vouk Hotel until it changed management.

“Times are not too good for the industry now as they are in the doldrums and we thought this small business can keep us occupied and help sustain us for a while.

“So far, thankfully, the response has been encouraging with orders coming from as far as Sungai Petani, Kuala Lumpur and even Johor Bahru.

“But we had to turn down an order from Ranau, Sabah since we fear that by the time the dodol is delivered, it would not be fresh. Also, there are logistical issues,” said Elizabeth.

Among the ingredients used are  glutinous rice flour, gula Melaka, brown sugar, coconut milk and fresh durian for the dodol durians.

No added preservatives are used in the preparation.

“It takes approximately four to five hours over charcoal heat to prepare the delicacy and constant stirring with a wooden ladle is required.

“Last but not least, lots of patience is needed from stirring from liquid form to the chewy texture while maintaining a good control of charcoal amber so it does not get burnt,” added Elizabeth.

She said that they average around 50 containers per month although they just started in May with the original flavour. 

“To date the durian flavoured dodol which we started since early July has received more than 60 orders,” she said.

The original flavoured dodol is priced at RM15 per container of 300gms and each dodol being individually packed while the durian flavour is at RM20 per container.

Those keen to try out the dodols can call Elizabeth at 016-419-8783 or Charles at 019-402-3331 to place your orders.

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