Starbucks new plant-based offerings

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As many Malaysians are adopting more plant-based diets, Starbucks Malaysia is offering a new range of drinks based on this trend.


Whether it is for health benefits or to cut back on their carbon footprint. While others, who are already seasoned plant-based eaters, may have difficulty finding the right options at their local eateries.

Almond Caramel Mocha Frappuccino

Starbucks has perfected several plant-based beverages that will make you second-guess if it’s truly 100% plant-based.


Among the new range are the Almond Caramel Mocha Frappuccino – This drink combines the rich flavors of almond milk and the silky-smooth caramel syrup to create a creamy and indulgent guilt-free beverage! The generous serving of mocha sauce and caramel drizzle does wonders to the drink. While pleasing to all senses, this perfectly crafted beverage is also best enjoyed when you’re just simply walking around under the Malaysian heat!

Coconut Vanilla Chocolate Cream Frappuccino – If you are a fan of the Starbucks classic, Chocolate Cream Frappuccino, this would be the best plant-based alternative for you. While the base of the beverage remains the same, the coconut milk alternative and vanilla syrup adds a distinct note to the drink. The two ingredients enrich the flavors without losing the real essence of a Chocolate Cream Frappuccino. A great go-to drink when you’re craving for a Frappuccino that brings familiarity and comfort.

Soy Dark Mocha Latte – A lot like life itself, this beverage offers a bittersweet note. The tinge of dark mocha taste gives a lip-smacking aftertaste that will leave you asking for more. If you’re planning to stay up a little later than your bedtime, this beverage makes a perfect after-dinner drink or a nightcap.

Soy Vanilla Latte – This drink screams, “I love you a latte!”. The mixture of espresso shots, soy milk and vanilla syrup adds a joyful twist to the traditional latte flavors. Like a hug in a cup, it is certainly a fitting beverage when you’re in need of a ‘pick-me-up’.

Soy Green Tea Latte

Soy Green Tea Latte – Balancing a taste that’s both sweet and sharp, the drink offers complex flavors that will make you second guess its plant-based elements. The soy milk aids in enriching the taste of the green tea latte and makes an ideal breakfast companion that’s definitely a great energy booster to your early mornings!

Almond Green Tea Affogato – Judging by the name itself, you would know that this drink is definitely an MVP! The combination of almond milk, green tea powder and espresso shot is like a blissful marriage of rich & creamy flavors in a cup! This silky-smooth delight makes a great work from home companion.

Almond Chocolate Frappuccino with Almond Nuts – Calling all chocolate lovers, this is the ultimate plant-based drink for you! The nutty trifecta of almond milk, crushed almond and hazelnut sauce brings this chocolatey beverage to the next level! There really is no specific time or occasion to fully enjoy this drink as it best consumed… all the time!

Coconut Mango Black Tea – Rumor has it that some of you are into fruity and floral notes… well we’ve got just the TEA for you. The combination of coconut milk, mango juice and black tea, creates a fragrant concoction that is both soothing to the tongue and throat. Kick back and unwind with this beverage on a lazy sunny afternoon by the window.

Coconut Raspberry Passion Tea – Seize the day with this refreshing drink that is set to keep you awake and energized. The combination of raspberry juice and passion tea offers a tart taste that is balanced well by the coconut milk. If you still have to be on-the-go after your workout session, be sure to lift this beverage too!

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