Langkawi Wildlife Park needs your assistance

V. Sivaji | February 18, 2021 | 0 | Events , Hotels , Live , Spotlight , Travel , Travel Buzz

The on-going Covid-19 pandemic is not only taking its toll on human beings but also on our animal friends overall.
Take the example of the Langkawi Wildlife Park which has some 119 species of animals under their care.
Among them are mammals, reptiles, birds, crocodiles, deers, marsupials, snakes, iguanas, monkeys and many more.
They are categorized by the Birds section, Mammals section, Reptile section and the Aviary section for easy access to visitors.
Civet cat or musang pandan
However, with almost no revenue from the gate collection, the animals need to be fed and cared for.
On the top of this, the park has some 60 employees whose salary and livelihood has also been impacted.
“Since we are closed, the staff carry out maintenance work and upgrading work. They also move around the animals into better enclosures so that visitors have some new impression when we can reopen,” said John Teoh, general manager of the park.
“Donations have been from as small as RM10 to hundreds. So, we welcome any amount to support the animals and the caretakers,” he added.
He urged all of our fellow animal enthusiasts, animal lovers and friends, to help them through this difficult time. 
Meanwhile, please do bear in mind that this is merely a symbolic adoption in which the animals are not following you back home after the adoption is complete. Details as below –
For Adoption & Donation
Bank : Public Bank
Account Name : Wildlife Planet Sdn Bhd
Account Number : 3102918812

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