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V. Sivaji | October 15, 2020 | 0 | Dine , Happening Now , News , Shop

Multi talented and multi lingual deejay, emcee and event management specialist, Damian Nagalingam comes with more than 25 experience in the entertainment industry.
The Ipoh- born Damian is a fluent speaker of the Cantonese dialect among other languages, started off his career picking up his deejay and emcee skills while working in several clubs in the city in the nineties.
Damian bottling the kaya.
He later moved to Kuala Lumpur for better exposure and more business opportunities.
This is where he ventured into event management to cater for the demand among corporate clients and other big brands.
Kaya boy bottling process.
The “big stage” has also helped him run big gigs and events overseas too in locations like Australia, Japan, China, Thailand, Korea and Egypt.
As business grew, Damian’s team members grew to 14 staff consisting of wood and metal work specialists, technicians and sound and lights team. This also included administration staff and designers.
In all, he also had three trucks to maintain.
Like all of us, no one expected the covid-19 pandemic which plunged the entertainment industry into darkness and disarray.
Now, business is almost next to zero and he had to let go of his workers as he could not sustain the event management business.
As the saying, ” in adversity, there is opportunity”.
One day, when he was contemplating his options, out of the blue he remembered his mother’s kaya making skills and sought her guidance.
Moving forward, he made his first batch of his “Kaya Boy” two months ago in his store in Ipoh and started sampling to close friends.
“I had nothing to lose as there is almost no business in the entertainment industry now and luckily this small scale business keeps me occupied.
“Although it is a new and growing venture, I’m confident there is good potential. My ingredients include pure pandan extract, fresh coconut milk, sugar, kampung chicken eggs cooked over charcoal fire for hours.
“I am only promoting my kaya over social media and directly to friends and well-wishers.
“Todate, I have made over 600 bottles which are sold at RM12 each,” added Damian.
Damian presenting a free kaya bottle to a lady in KL.
He recalled that one day, he met an elderly lady in Ara Damansara who herself was selling small items like tissue paper and sweets but wanted to know about his kaya product.
“This sweet elderly lady was so heartwarming that I gave her a bottle of kaya for free. She was so thankful and overjoyed,” said Damian.
As for the future of the entertainment industry, he hopes that the situation improves so that those in the industry can go back to work and earn a decent living.
Where2lifestyle also wishes Damian and his team all the best in these trying and testing times.

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