Colour pencil artist Sharon Kow

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Self taught artist, Sharon Kow made her debut in Penang with her first art exhibition at the Gallery at the G Hotel recently.

Her unique creations are mostly done with colour pencils unlike other artists who like to work with other mediums.
“When I first wanted to do my works in colour pencil there was not much guidance and precedence. Other artists were more keen on water colour, charcoal, oil painting etc.
“It was up to me to do the research on the internet and create my own style of paintings,” said Kow when met at the exhibition recently.
Her works entitled “Still” will be on display till Dec 21, 2020.
Some 30 pieces are on display with her theme manly of stones, rivers and pebbles.
“My inspirations derive from simple and everyday subjects that we usually take for granted off. Every piece of art reveals a deeper meaning than just a beautiful subject,” she added.
On hand to launch the exhibition was G Hotel general manager, Michael Hanratty along with many of Kow’s supporters and family.
Sharon’s coloured pencil art breathes with the commanding presence of her unique style and original imagery. 
She put her artistic dreams aside when she was young and decided to reignite her love for colour pencil art later in life. She is now a successful international colour pencil artist and is an inspiration to those who would love to follow her footsteps. 
Sharon has built a name for herself being a Signature Member of the Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA), Master Status Member of the Coloured Pencil Community of Australasia Inc. (CPCAU) and a Registered Member of the International Guild of Realism (IGOR). 
Her artworks have been featured and published in several international publications and have exhibited both locally and internationally. 
The art exhibition is open daily and is available for sale and for those who wish to purchase.

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