Emirates A380 takes to the sky again

where2life | August 21, 2020 | 0 | Events , Happening Now , News , Spotlight , Travel Buzz

The Clark International Airport in the Philippines is set to receive its very first Airbus A380 service.

Emirates, the Dubai based airline, will operate a one-off flight with the world’s largest passenger aircraft today, Wednesday (Aug 19, 2020).

The flight is being laid on to meet exceptional demand.

For the duration of the current pandemic, the Airbus A380 has largely remained sidelined by the airlines of the world.

That is except for Emirates, who reintroduced the giant of the skies earlier this summer. So far, the aircraft has been scheduled on a handful of the airline’s busiest routes.

However, now it is taking a journey where no A380 has ever gone before.

The flight is scheduled due to increased demand for travel from the Metro Manila and surrounding Luzon areas.

Except for this one-off A380 flight, the airline is operating the route with one of its Boeing 777 aircraft daily from Monday to Saturday.

(Source – Simple Flying)

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