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V. Sivaji | June 29, 2020 | 0 | News

With the anticipation of the country and literally the whole world going into a recession, every dollar saved is vital for the bottom line for any business entity.

To this regard, among the major expenses incurred by any business establishment is it’s utility bill provided Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) among other expenses in the country.

Playing an important role to save on overhead costs is oneAlpha Group which is armed with years of experience and in-sight knowledge in this field.

They offer both general energy management as well as in depth analysis of how energy is used by their clients in their day to day operations.

Their specialised energy auditors install and monitor the actual power consumption on site and recommend methods to increase energy efficiency to reduce the operating costs for clients.

The group has a 100% success in obtaining a cheaper rte in the monthly electricity utility bill for clients who qualify.

These savings range from RM3,000 to RM35,00 per month.

As they operate on a success basis only, the client does not pay them any fees, and they are at no risk.

Other than the “tariff optimisation” solution, they also embark on the “low cost solution” where they train personnel involved in maintenance factories, hotels and even hospitals.

They also embrace new technology to recommend efficient chillers and soft starters at large loads to achieve greater energy savings which SIRIM approved LED lights direct from the manufacturer to the clent is also implemented.

To this regard, they also recommend solar solutions to clients to best suit the clients needs taking into account the client’s budget and savings target.

Among some of oneAlpha Group’s satisfied clients include hotels, hypermarkets, factories, malls, properties, hospitals and business premises. They have solid testimonials from these well satisfied clients to back up their corporate mission.

OneAlpha Group also have branch offices in Singapore and Australia.

For more information or ro make appointment, call 013-4041001 (hardeep) or or 03-7610 4543 or email hardeep@onealphagroup.com

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