Arati Vilas rising to the occasion

V. Sivaji | May 5, 2020 | 1 | Events , Happening Now , Perak , Travel , Travel Buzz

Many have wealth but no compassion while others might not be so lucky but have deep empathy for others.
Take the example of the Arati Vilas restaurant in Tanjong Tokong which has gone out of its way to help the hungry and the underprivileged.
Although, like other business establishments, their business is also affected badly by the current pandemic, nevertheless, they found it necessary to help the hungry in their vicinity.
But doing charity is nothing new at the restaurant as they have been doing good deeds since they started operations way back in the Nineties.
Those deserving individuals and families are provided with sumptuous meals like plain rice, briyani, roti canai, capati, roti jala, eggs, deep fried chicken, fried fish biscuits, cakes and many more for takeaway.
“We should not forget the needy during these tough times as they do not have an avenue to sustain themselves.
“Yes, our business like others have been affected but we will pull through this trying times,” said Vengdas, owner of Arati Vilas.
He attributed the good deeds to his wife, Meena as she is the main chef for the restaurant.
“While my wife always prefers to be in the background, keeping busy in the kitchen, she is always mindful of the deserving people.
He also paid tribute to some of the regular customer who have contributed in cash or kind for the charitable deed.
Kudos to Arati Vilas for their great deeds towards the hungry community. Keep up the good work.

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