Looking beyond this hideous COVID-19 crisis

Lee Jingfa | April 28, 2020 | 0 | Events , Happening Now , Travel

SO our Visit Malaysia 2020 is cancelled in light of the execrable Covid-19 outbreak.

For how long, we are not sure, perhaps until the situation returns to normal.

The cancellation, of course, is absolutely necessary although the effect is monumentally devastating to the local tourism sector.

Covid-19 unquestionably brought everything to a standstill.

We are all locked up, as they call it a lockdown, in our respective homes.

Tourism-related businesses are all stalled. Flights cancelled, cruise liners not sailing, inter-state transportation prohibited, resulting in the recent closure of several hotels.

So are restaurants, bars and cafes all of which are compelled to be closed in the name of practising social distancing.

All hopes of any possible revival in businesses are presently hopelessly messed-up.

Let’s not be apprehensive about this and go into apoplexy over our sputtering economy.

Shocking as it may be seen, Malaysia’s tourism industry is not about to die because of the pandemic Covid-19.

Our country is so blessed (touch wood) as the Western countries where death is recorded pretty stratospheric in numbers.

There is no getting around it at a time like this as we must all resolve to overcome this dreadfully deadly disease by way of observing the present Movement Control Order (MCO) by way of a deliberate and determined manner.

Never mind about the cancellation of Visit Malaysia 2020. We can still hold it later in a year or so.

Malaysia, after all, is so blessed with many touristy destinations which will never wither away come what may.

By then, everything will be back to normal, wonderfully beyond where flights will be in full force and hotels doing a roaring business.

Our country is simply graced with grace.

Cintailah Malaysia Ku.

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