Acclaimed Gustavus Symphony Orchestra to perform in Ipoh

V. Sivaji | January 23, 2020 | 0 | Events , Happening Now , Perak , Travel

Folks in Ipoh will have the rare opportunity to witness and enjoy the performance of the internationally acclaimed and award winning Gustavus Symphony Orchestra from Minnesota, United States of America.
They will also be joined by the Jazz Lab Band on the night. The orchestra is currently making their tour of Malaysia and Singapore in 2020. 
The orchestra will be holding a performance at the WEIL Hotel on Friday, Jan 31 from 8pm at its ballroom to raise funds for the Lighthouse Hope Society, Ipoh.
The orchestra will also visit Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Malacca during their tour.
The Lighthouse Hope Society is a non-governmental organisation that reaches out to the hungry, homeless and the helpless in our society regardless of race and religion since 2006.
To-date they have served approximately 245,700 free meals to the needy from Mondays to Fridays through their Soup Kitchen in Ipoh.
They also provide free medical consultation and treatment and also provide free rations for the home bound poor.
They also hold free haircuts sessions and provide shower facilities and also avenues for drug rehabilitation.
Their mission is also to provide economic empowerment for the Orang Asli by providing chicken coops with chicks and also fruit tree saplings for plantation.
They have also embarked on solar lighting for kampungs which has been deprived of electricity.
They were recognized by the Perak state government with an “Excellence Award” in helping the needy. 
“We hope that people of Ipoh and the corporate community will come forward to enjoy the evening with the orchestra and the jazz band and in the process help the needy and underprivileged by their donations,” said Lighthouse Hope Society president Dr S S Gill.
Tickets are prices at RM300, RM200, RM100 and RM50. Call 05-545-5582 or 012-523-6558 for details.

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